Dún Laoghaire Educate Together National School

Dún Laoghaire ETNS is an equality-based, co-educational, democratically-run and child-centred national school based in Monkstown in Dublin. Dún Laoghaire ETNS is state-funded and teaches the National Curriculum. It is a non-fee-paying school that is open to students of all backgrounds. The school opened its doors on the 31st of August 2017 with 21 junior infant children. Parents and supporters in the community eagerly leapt into action to get expressions of interest that were needed to secure the patronage of the school.  Contact information for Dún Laoghaire ETNS can be found below.

Contact Information:

Dún Laoghaire Educate Together National School
Red Door School,
Monkstown Grove,
Co. Dublin

Phone Number:
086 4667017