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An Educate Together Second-level School for Enfield

The Department of Education and Skills has announced that in 2020 a brand new second-level school will open to serve Enfield.
Educate Together intends to apply for patronage of this school - if you would like to be kept up-to-date with developments, please join our mailing list here. If you would like to volunteer for our campaign, we'd love to hear from you - email us at
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Blueprint for Educate Together Second-level Schools

The details of how our second-level schools will run are outlined in the Blueprint for Educate Together Second-level Schools. This documents in detail how the Educate Together model delivers key life skills as well as academic performance. 

Address: Educate Together, Equity House, 16/17 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin 7, Ireland - Charity Number: CHY 11816