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Clonturk Community College

City of Dublin Education and Training Board and Educate Together are delighted to announce the opening in September 2016 of a new Community College in the Whitehall area on the north side of Dublin City.

The College will be known as: Clonturk Community College, Whitehall, CDETB in partnership with Educate Together.

City of Dublin Education and Training Board will be the Patron of the College and Educate Together the Trustee Partner. The Community College is to be co-located in the building currently occupied by Plunket College, Swords Road, Whitehall, Dublin 9. The new College will open with an expected First Year intake of 75 students. Plunket College will continue to offer Repeat Leaving Certificate and Post-Leaving Certificate Programmes for both male and female students.

City of Dublin Education and Training Board and Educate Together have agreed arrangements for the management and operation of the College based on the Model Agreement for Community Colleges and related Articles of Management. They have also agreed recruitment, appointment and interview procedures for both the Principal and teachers employed in the new community college. An agreed ethos and vision statement for Clonturk Community College is also in place.

Our vision for the College is of a welcoming and vibrant school community in which all members will experience a real sense of active participation and belonging. The College aims to provide an education for students that contributes both to their personal development as well as to the social, economic and cultural development of their community. The College will be equality based, co-educational, learner-centred and managed on democratic principles.

Susan Campbell has been appointed Principal. Students will be enrolled in the College for the 2016/2017 school year on a first come first served basis. A dedicated point of contact for parents/guardians interested in enrolling their daughter/son in Clonturk College will be established and further information in relation to this will issue before the end of January. This information will be published both on www.CDETB.ie and www.educatetogether.ie.

Applications for vacancies are now available on www.cdetb.ie and www.educationposts.ie (under international/other)



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