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Inspiring Initiatives: March

Here in the National Office we are endlessly impressed by the creative, enriching and community-building initiatives undertaken by the dedicated members of our network of schools and we’re certain you will be too. This month we revisit Letterkenny ETNS’s officially award-winning ‘Operation Transformation’, find out how the staff from Stepaside ETSS put their time off during the snow storm to good use and take a look at Kildare Town ETNS’s Gratitude Wall.


Operation Transformation at Letterkenny ETNS

Last month we told you about Operation Transformation, a six week programme run by the school community at Letterkenny ETNS aimed at setting everyone taking part on the path to a healthier, happier, more well-rounded lifestyle. Well, since then not only has the programme finished and by all accounts been a huge success, but Lisa Mc Monagle, the school’s Home School Liaison teacher, has won a RTE Operation Transformation Hero Award for her pivotal role in making it all happen! You can watch Lisa win the Operation Transformation Award here. Huge congratulations to Letterkenny ETNS and to Lisa on all their amazing work!


The Snow Challenge at Stepaside ETSS

While the rest of us were wrapped up indoors at the start of this month due to the snow, the teachers and staff of Stepaside ETSS were outside putting their time off and the snow itself to some really positive use—raising money for Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. Similar to the ice-bucket challenge for ALS, the staff decided to challenge each other to dive into the biggest pile of snow they could find, nominate a friend to do the same and then donate €20 to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland. Check out the brilliant video they’ve put together capturing all their snow dives here. Well done Stepaside ETSS!


The Gratitude Wall at Kildare Town ETNS

Research continues to show that practicing gratitude is associated with increased happiness and better health. Being thankful is a practiced discipline, one adults and children alike, must learn. A great way of practicing gratitude in a school or home is with a gratitude wall. A gratitude wall is a dedicated space where everyone takes time together, perhaps once a day or once a week, to reflect on and write down or draw the things they are thankful for. The students at Kildare Town ETNS have created a simple yet fantastic gratitude wall for their school which you can have a look at here

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