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The Volunteer Network

The Volunteer Network connects people with Educate Together and Educate Together schools, to solve issues and inspire new creativity.  We are aware that there are some very strong connections already happening between schools in a number of innovative and engaging ways. We are developing this voluntary networking through the National Office, in order to enhance the connections across the network of Educate Together, provide support and hopefully inspire new ways for people to stay involved with our work. We are finalising our application form at the moment, but to give you an idea of The Volunteer Network, please read on! Our Volunteer Officer, Sarah, would be delighted to hear from you should you have any questions, on


The Volunteer Network is being set up;

-       to enable schools to draw from the experience of other members of the network

-       to provide a way for people to stay connected with Educate Together, without having to sign up to a long-term commitment or particular project (though they can choose to do so if they wish)

-       to provide support to various projects in the National Office from time to time

Who can register to become a member of The Volunteer Network?

The Volunteer Network is primarily a way for current and former members of the Educate Together movement, to invest in our continued development.

If you are, or have ever been, a Board member, Chairperson, member of a Start-up group, member of an Advisory or working group, Principal, Teacher, other Staff Member, Parent, Student, Executive Patron member – we are open to hearing from you and engaging your skills.

If you are not connected with any of the above areas, but are interested in volunteering, we are of course delighted to hear from you! You can contact our Volunteer Officer on or 01 429 2500

What will happen if you join The Volunteer Network?

If you decide you wish to formally be part of this network, we ask that you complete The Volunteer Network Membership Form, which can be found here (in the coming days)

This will ask you about your connection with Educate Together, the specific skills you have to offer, how you’d like to be contacted and what sort of commitment you would like to give.

When you sign up, your details will be kept on file. Our Volunteer Officer will contact you directly and arrange a time to meet with you in person.

What will I do as part of The Volunteer Network?

This is entirely up to you and what your skill-set is. There are a number of areas, which people can sign up to, to support the National Office or a School.

ie. Fundraising advice / Learn Together curriculum ideas/ Ethos Development / Interview Panels etc…

Who will be my point of contact?

Our Volunteer Officer, Sarah Williams, will support you every step of the way. Educate Together has a comprehensive volunteer programme, and every volunteer who is part of the network will have a chance to speak with our Volunteer Officer directly.

Why are Educate Together ‘formalising’ volunteering in this network wide approach?

Our sector and all our schools, have been created by voluntary community initiative and Ireland today would have no multi-denominational sector of education without the enormous efforts of thousands of parents and their supporters. There is a wealth of expertise through experience, among the many thousands of people who are, or who have been, involved in the life of an Educate Together school at any stage of it’s development. We would like to provide ways for people to stay connected with Educate Together, or offer new ways of investing their skills in our continued development.

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