Contracts of Employment

A Board of Management, as the employer, must provide all employees with a written statement of the terms of their employment.  Staff engaged for their first permanent or fixed term contract should receive these terms within two months of their appointment. Any subsequent contracts must be provided prior to the date of renewal/commencement of that contract. 

The permanent employment contract to be used for Special Needs Assistants was published as Circular 15/05 available on the Department of Education and Skills website.

Educate Together has created a suite of employment contracts for all school staff. These are available on our online training site. If you haven’t already done so you will need to register on the site and then enrol on the Board of Management training course: Appointment Procedures where you will be asked to enter an enrolment key.  This is available from the national office. The contracts are also available by email from the national office.  

The contracts provided are: 

Teachers: Permanent/ Fixed term/ Specified Purpose

SNAs: Fixed term/ Specified Purpose (Permanent contracts are available as DES Circular 15/05 above)

Ancillary Staff (Secretaries/ Caretakers/ Cleaners/ Bus Escorts): Permanent/ Fixed term/ Specified Purpose. 

Contracts of Employment

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