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'Manageable, interesting and enjoyable'

Pauline Quinn, Aston Village ETNS

Pauline Quinn, of Aston Village ETNS, on Educate Together and St Patrick's College of Education Post-gradate Certificate in Ethical and Multi-denominational Education.  'I was one of the first students on the Postgraduate Certificate in Ethical and Multi-denominational Education. I am delighted to have participated in the course as I found it very enjoyable and hugely beneficial to my teaching...

We have to start thinking of education for the 22nd Century

Today, six new Educate Together primary schools will start their first full week. Three of them - Shellybanks ETNS in South Dublin,Malahide / Portmarnock ETNS in North Dublin, and Knocknacarra ETNS in West Galway - are new schools, opening in areas of rapid growth of school-going population. The other three are part of the ‘re-assignment of patronage process’. This aims to create a choice in...

'It doesn’t matter what you call it, what’s important is what it means.' - Interview with Rody Ryan

Rody Ryan, founder member and former Chairperson of North Dublin National School Project

Rody Ryan, one of the founders and former Chairperson of the North Dublin National School Project, recently visited us in the national office and spoke about his experiences setting up the school in the early 1980s.  'In the early 1980s, our children were young – my daughter was two. We were living in East Wall on the north side of Dublin and we were looking at the schools in the area to see what...

Pressure on Parents Unconscionable and Inappropriate

Paul Rowe, Educate Together CEO

Last week, it was great to hear the United Nations Human Rights Committee once again recommended that the Irish State increase the availability of non-denominational schools in Ireland. I’m not going to get into the discussion over the labels “non-denominational”, “secular” and “multi-denominational” here but suffice to say, the Educate Together model of schooling satisfies all the requirements...

Reflections on Minister Quinn's Time in Office

Paul Rowe, Educate Together CEO

I think it is very unfortunate that political realities have brought about Ruairi Quinn’s premature resignation as Minister for Education and Skills. His passion for the Education post has been evident from the start. He has brought a depth of ministerial experience and ability to the Department and made much progress. There have been many comments about his contributions to Irish life and...

Behind the Scenes at Local Election Count in RDS

Fionnuala Ward, Primary Education Officer

I found it hard to drag myself off the sofa and wander down to the polling station. I was definitely going to vote but had let a couple of hours slip by dozing and flicking channels and now it all seemed such a chore. As I handed over the card it had taken me a good 5 minutes to locate, I was vaguely aware of a man in his 40s, most probably from an Indian or South East Asian background, asking...

Is ‘multi-denominational’ an ethos?

Emer, Chief Operating Officer

Fr Michael Drumm is right - there is a lot of confusion in the language around school ethos and religion in Ireland (The Irish Catholic, Thursday April 3rd). How are parents supposed to know what ‘multi-denominational’ means, when it means different things in different schools? What does any school mean by ‘religious education’? And so on. A word of wisdom passed on to me when I started working...

Belief Systems - the toughest strand to get right?

Fionnuala Ward, Primary Education Officer

Educate Together's ethical education curriculum at primary level is, of course, the Learn Together with its four strands: Moral and Spiritual, Equality and Justice, Belief Systems and Ethics and the Environment. Belief Systems addresses the main world religions: Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism and Buddhism. Of all four strands, it’s probably the hardest to get right and certainly...

Stand Up! Awareness Week against Homophobic & Transphobic Bullying: March 2014

Luke, Communications Officer

Advance Notice! Stand Up! Awareness Week against Homophobic & Transphobic Bullying 10th – 14th March 2014 Don’t Stand for Homophobic or Transphobic Bullying! We’re delighted to announce the dates for BeLonGTo’s next national Stand Up! Awareness Week: 10th – 14th March 2014. Stand Up! is funded by the Department of Education and endorsed by education partners such as Educate Together to tackle...

LGBT Teachers in Educate Together Schools

Paul Rowe, CEO

As the storms crash in, all kinds of issues are tumbling around. Uniforms in schools, Union resistance to reforms, outlandish claims aimed at suppressing free speech about homophobia, and now the rights of LGBT teachers in Irish schools. Where to start? Today for one. The Irish Times says that Irish schools are failing LGBT teachers. Well, in Educate Together schools we do not discriminate...

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Celebrating the Opening of Educate Together’s First School in England

Today, Friday September 5th, Redfield Educate Together Primary Academy, located in Redfield, Bristol, will welcome its first cohort of...


More Choice for Parents, as Educate Together National Schools Open Their Doors in Mayo, Waterford, Galway, Meath and Dublin

Educate Together marked the new school year with the opening of five primary schools on September 1st: • Knocknacarra Educate Together...

Network News

Six New Educate Together National Schools Enrolling for September 2014

Below is a list of new Educate Together National Schools that have a...


Rochestown ETNS is a Digital School of Distinction

Rochestown Educate Together National School was recently validated as...

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