Investors & Partners

By building a relationship with Educate Together you are showing your support for making a lasting change to the Irish Education system.

Corporate Donations
You will be able to show your customers and staff the socially responsible side of your brand.

Grants from Trusts and Foundations
If you are a trustee of a charitable trust or foundation find out how you could have a direct impact on Irish Education through Educate Together's Priority Projects.

Investments in Education
We can make a profound impact on young people’s lives by investing in education.  For Educate Together this investment is most important at the start up stage when Educate Together is building an ethos and identity for a new school and ensuring the project is completed on time.The key attributes for successful schools are good leadership, good teaching and a strong and positive ethos that guarantees maximum parental and community engagement.  The Educate Together model delivers these key attributes and then provides ongoing support to schools in the network to encourage the highest standards.

Address: Educate Together, Equity House, 16/17 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin 7, Ireland - Charity Number: CHY 11816